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One-time vs Monthly cost for your new website


Some businesses, mainly internet newbies, prefer to pay a monthly recurring cost for creating and keeping a website online. Usually paying a small amount from $30 or more monthly for their website, they are offered hosting, creation of their website, sometimes a platform to help them create it themselves and sometimes a sort of maintenance. Like updates or backups. An here comes the big question:

Are monthly plans worth their money long term?

The answer is, it depends on the purpose you need your website for. By choosing a monthly plan, there is no need to pay a huge sum at one time. Instead, you can have an easy payment schedule and if you don’t like the end result then you can have an easy and not costly way out. But before deciding to opt for a monthly plan website design, you will have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What happens if you fail to pay your monthly subscription? Your website will work as long as you pay a regular amount to your web designer or the company who owns your website. If you fail to pay, your website will be offline.
  • What happens if the company that supports you closes? You are not the owner of your website. Most times, you don’t even have your own domain name. You will be hosted under a subomain of the company name that sells you the service. (Yes, they sell you a service not a website)
  • What happens to your traffic if you decide to move? Unfortunately, when one decides to move to a new a domain name, all ranks in search engines are lost and you have to start all over again.
  • What if you want to sell your website? Are you the owner? No. Again, what you pay for is a service, not a website. You are not the owner and you cannot sell what is not your property.


Ok, someone might say, but I don’t have enough money to cover a one – time website cost.

One – time web design is expensive. – Let’s analyze that a bit more. If you subscribe for a 30 $US a month plan, then you will have to pay $360 for the first year of your subscription. Not much for creating a simple website for experimenting with a new niche, or idea. But what happens if your site does well and you need to keep it for the years coming? In the first three years of operation you will have payed  the hefty amount of 1080 $US and you will not even be the owner of your website! Not much of a bargain right?

website cost

So, how can you build you new website on a budget, but have full control over your content, hosting, search engines rank etc?

You can choose a one – time web design package, where you pay one time (you can discuss with your web designer for the payment schedule). This way you will have the full ownership of your website.You only have to remember that hosting and domain (usually around $50) is the only yearly cost to pay to your web designer/company. There are also some really good one-time design plans out there, like our own where you can get an inexpensive, professional website and really good customer support. The advantage here is that you are the owner of your website, so you can always work on it some more, sell it, or manage it the way you want when things start to roll with your new online business.

In conclusion, your website is your business. You can opt for a monthly payment plan or to pay  a one-time website cost, as long as you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages. Make your decision wisely, because if you don’t, it could possibly be a nightmare to overcome.



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